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What the Heel!

It's been a while, but I've released a new sock pattern.

Try my ‘What the heel?!’ shaping. Vanilla with a twist.

These socks are a simple top down construction. Yes, so far everything is normal. The socks then have gusset and heel shaping. But, here’s where things make a twist. Of course, I’m not going to give away the exact details here, but I will mention there are no picking up of stitches involved in this heel & gusset.

Oh, ok, I'll let slip - there's a few german short rows. I do like a double stitch. 😍

I do hope that you give my sock a chance, I've a few more socks with this heel in the works.

But I do love to knit socks of all shapes, sizes and heel constructions. Some days I might feel like cuff down, other days toe up. Maybe with a short row heel, afterthought heel, or a heel turn and gusset. So now I have another technique to throw in the mix - my "What The Heel!" shaping.

Are you willing to give my socks a knit?


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