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Hello "Je T'aime"

I have a newly released pattern!

Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it...

I decided that this year, I was going to get my butt into gear, and get back on track to releasing patterns. The knitting has never stopped, but for some reason over the last year or so, the willingness to get myself to write things down became hard. So I've been working with myself to overcome my self inflicted hurdles, and it looks like we have movement.

So with 2022 comes the first release for the year. Meet my new hat pattern "Je T'aime".

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My plan for this beanie was simply that I decided it was time to make something pretty.

It's that time of year, as I write this, that Valentine fast approaches, so of course hearts came to mind. The pattern has a simple chart to follow, that tells you exactly where to place your knits and purls. With some simple use of reverse stocking stitch, you can create not one, but three hearts on this cute hat. Or, you could ignore the hearts completely and still have a perfectly pretty stocking stitch beanie.

What other techniques does this delightful beanie hold?

It kicks off with a provisional cast on. There are a few different ways to do this. All of which can be found with a little help from our friend - Google 😉 I honestly can't remember what I use to do before we had our friend... Oh no, I remember, purchase every resource book you could get your hands on and hope you could figure out what they were writing about. However, back to the technique. My favourite way is a method using a crochet hook. I've linked a little tutorial by Andrea Mowry if you want to check out this way of doing it. The reason I've opted for this cast on, is because this beanie also highlights a folded brim. Forget the standard ribbed edge. This is a technique that once you try, you’ll be dying to try more beanies with this detail. I'm basically obsessed with these right now. So don't be surprised if you see a few more of these from me. The brim is sooo warm and snug. If you suffer from very cold ears this is the one for you. Also, you can add some fun elements to the fold, like the picot business on "Je T'aime"

So before you dash off to buy my fab pattern, A little note about fit. This beanie is designed with negative ease, so will be a snug fit at first. Depending on the yarn you choose to knit it with, it may loosen over time and wear. A BFL (blue faced Leicester) is a good sturdy fibre if you want to keep that snug fit. There are some gorgeous superwash yarns out there. By all means, you can create some beautiful versions, however, you might find that your hat will lose it's snugness over time, but still be a beautiful beanie.

Here's how I arranged the sizing.

Small (Medium, Large) Actual measurements: 43 (45.5, 48) cm 17 (18, 19) inches

To fit measurements: 53 (55.5, 58) cm 21 (22, 23) inches

If you've fallen in love with the yarn I used to make this cute hat, it's by The Uncommon Thread, BFL Sport/Light DK in the colour Spumoni. I got mine from Loop in London. (not sponsored, just a fan)

What colour will you make yours out of? Mmmmm🤔 There are so many possibilities.

If you make one, I'd love to see what you chose. Add it to your Ravelry project page or tag me on Instagram (#Anneknitty, #jetaimebeanie)

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