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A plan is Afoot.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Hello Lovelies.

Continuing from the last post - this is me using my motivation to create new habits...

I thought I'd write a few words for what I have planned for my Knitting patterns. I currently have a lot of ideas floating about inside my head, some are still just thoughts, some have made it to sketches, some have been partially constructed, and a couple have actually a near complete pattern. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything will be released in the same order.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen recently, that I've been working through my FibreFox 2022 Advent yarns. This will surely be the first pattern that will come out this year. I just want to make sure my maths is correct for the amount of yarn in the last repeat for the cast off. Nobody wants to run out of yarn 4sts before they reach the end of the row. If you keep an eye on my Instagram stories, I will be adding a very basic version of my pattern once I cast off. I will then remove it once I add my Wrap pattern to my Ravelry and Payhip stores.

So what other plans do I have in my head?

Well, there's beanies, mittens, wraps and shawls. This past year I have been doing a lot of knitting. Pieces that I've convinced myself were not good enough, however looking back at them now, I honestly can't see what I was thinking. For example, this winter I've been wearing a beanie that I knit up around this time last year. I've been wearing it non stop. I absolutely love it now. I will probably knit another version in a new colour just to freshen it up. Surely there will be other people than just me that will like it. This is to say I've a few projects like this, that have been placed on the back burner. This year I plan to make them shine.

Then comes my favourite accessory to design - Socks.

It looks like I have a chance to meet up with my Mum and Dad this year! When you live on opposite sides of the planet, throw in a pandemic and recessions and the average cost of flights to Australia. I've not seen them in person since 2019. So the thing is, last time we met, I knit socks for my parents and my sisters. I was thinking I might do that again. But rather than just changing the colour, design a sock based on each family member. So 'Operation Family Socks' has a 2023 version. If nothing else happens this year, know that these socks will be a definite. Four sock patterns by September. That sounds very plausible.

Two short blog posts in one week. I'm kicking of this year with a lot of energy and good intensions. Frankly, if I keep to one post a month, I will be happy. But this is also about me creating a new habit, and the more I write these little reads the easier it will eventually become and not let any of my anxieties take over. Plus it's a way for you to get to know me and my patterns.

I hope your next day off sees you well rested, and that you have time to do one of your favourite things.

Happy Crafting.

Annette xx


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