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March Wips

Hello lovelies 👋

Here we are at the end of March and yes I have wips. Never be a shamed of your wips they'll eventually get done. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes weeks and dare I say, sometimes years...😉

So what have I been working on this month.


This is a sweater I mentioned last month.

This sweater by Sari Nordland has been my main choice of wip this month. I was determined to get this one done before April. The pattern is written top down and the charts are separated per size so there's no accidental miss reading the wrong size. (A common error for me) I've loved knitting this pattern. I'll definitely be purchasing a Nordland pattern again in the future. ❤

So happy this is now in the Finished Object pile of goodies.


It has been entirely too long since I knitted my last pair of socks...

So I pulled out some Christmas yarn from The Yarn Badger. They do some gorgeous self striping yarns and this one was called Santa's Rainbow.

Plus there is sparkle!

I started them on a train journey to Farnham for Unravel (a fab yarn show).

All I knew was that I wanted some simple socks where the yarn does all the work with its beautiful colours. For some reason that morning I couldn't decide if I wanted to do toe-up or top-down, so I did a temporary cast on and started knitting a tube.

This tube became my 'go to' travel project. I always have project with me whenever I go anywhere. To work, to the coffee shop, to wherever I'm going that day. I never leave home without it. And for a short time, this tube was it. I loved the colours appearing and couldn't stop. Next thing I knew, I'd knitting one of the 50g skeins and still hadn't thought of the socks. Lol

So I'm calling these my afterthought everything.

It came with a match mini, so that was wound and I added a toe to my long tube. Annoyingly I don't have pics of these steps (bad form - I'll get better 😊) Looking at my results, this sock was entirely too long for my tastes, but then I looked again and realised I could make a pair from this one tube. Not too long, not too short, but actually a good length for UK 7.5 feet.

So I put in some waste yarn either side of the centre and made the snip and added the second toe. Next I put in some afterthought heels, then split what I had left from the 20g mini, then added a little ribbing to what was now the top of my socks.

These were a quick knit and I might actually do my next plain socks in the same manner.

Mini skein throw

Just a brief mention of this one here, this one is getting it's own blog entry 😮

A little snippet of a crochet project that has just begun and is going to take a long time to finish. Currently not sure if this will be a lap throw or something that could cover our double bed... Time will tell.

So I think that's enough for March. What's instore for April? I think between mini skeins we might see me pick up an older wip or two.

Happy Crafting!


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