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February Wips

So I have this blog. How do I get myself to sit and write for it? Another question is what do I write about? Maybe I should just see it as an extension of my Instagram posts. Yup, this is what I'll do until I can form this into a new habit...

With that in mind, let me tell you what I am working on at the moment. My current 'go to' Wips (works in progress).

There are two things that I'm going back and forth with right now. I'll talk about the languishing ones another time 😉.

The first is a scarf that I'm knitting with some John Arbon yarns. I'm in love with their Harvest Hues colours. This project came about simply because I wanted to ues all the colours of the current range in one project. So luckily they offer this yarn as cute minis. So I added all thirteen colours into my cart. But before I checked out - maybe I need a yarn as a background to make these colours pop. So I went looking at their zwartbles base. It's a yarn I've admired but never used. It's undyed and has a gorgeous sheepy smell (if you know, you know. It's a smell that can make some crafters smile). I picked out the darkest shade and added two full skeins to my cart. At this point I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to knit, but this would give me plenty of options. This is when I checked out and waited for my yarn to arrive. And boy, it arrived quickly.

Now that yarn was here, I got to squish, squeeze and smell while I organised my colour order and finally figure out what I was going to knit with this gorgeousness.

I had just finished working on an advent scarf and I think this is why I was on a mini skein kick. It was so much fun and I wanted to continue. So the plan was a scarf/wrap using my mini skeins that someone could perhaps convert to use their advent yarns if they wanted to.

As for which stitch pattern to choose, I was in the mood for something more angular. So some quick increases and decreases were called for.

This is still a wip. I'd say I'm now about halfway through. There are plans to turn this into a pattern eventually. Probably closer to the end of the year when people are starting to think about advents and what they might knit with them...

The other project I'll talk about today is a sweater by Sari Nordland. I was watching a Grocery Girls YouTube podcast when they mentioned they were starting a raglan along. It's been a minute since I knit a raglan sleeve sweater, so I thought that could be fun.

So I promptly forgot about any other sweater that I've got on the go and started browsing Ravelry. So many choices. As I was browsing, I tried to keep in mind what was in my stash. I was sure I could make something work from my collection. A short time later, I came up with a match.

The Poetria sweater screamed at me to knit it. I said "ok, calm down, let me check my stash". 😆 As it turned out I had the perfect combination. At separate times this past year I had bought yarn from the FibreFox. Their yarn is gorgeous. Period. Some sock yarn and some mohair yarn. Originally with two other projects in mind, but for some reason or another had never started. This was a kismet situation. Somewhere, deep in the back of my head, maybe, just maybe, I had this planned from the very beginning. 😉 Ok, probably not. But these two different colours and fibers were made to blend together.

Knitting this combination is so joyful for me. I've made some decent progress on this sweater. The Raglan Along runs into April, so I think I'm on target to finish this beautiful piece.

But I was meant to post this at the end of February. Whoops. It's March already.

So I'll sign of now and start working on what I'll tell you about this month...

Happy Knitting


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