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The humble beginnings of a throw.

In March, I signed up to mini skein club. 5 brand new 20g skeins of fingering weight sock yarn each month. The plan is to eventually have a new throw.

Vicky Brown Designs is the dyer behind these beauties. I've chosen their ombre set, but apart from that, each month will be a surprise.

I generally don't have a good track record with some large projects. For example, I've tried temperature blankets that have fallen by the wayside. I think it's to do with the strict time constraints. I lose enjoyment when my craft feels like a chore. Then as soon as I fall behind schedule, I gather stress. This will build until it's too much and then it becomes a forgotten wip and the yarn eventually gets used for something else...

This, however, is NOT going to become one of those projects. 5 mini skeins in a month sounds perfectly plausible. I could do a little at a time or whizz through it if the mood strikes.

I'm going to crochet this blanket starting from one corner with a stitch people often associate with Granny Squares.

My pattern inspiration comes from this crochet tutorial by Hooked by Robin. A corner to corner rectangle. Which this will be, albeit a lot larger.

I haven't decided what size this is going to end up. I think I want it at least as wide as my double bed, but length I will decide much later... I've got time.

This project has been and easy one so far to travel around with me. It's currently small enough to fit in a project bag that I would normally carry a sock wip in.

At some point I decided to wind all the mini skeins into one large franken-ball. Tieing magic knots as got to each separate mini. As I write this post, the set set of mini skeins have just dropped through the letterbox. Looks like I've got another franken-ball to wind up this afternoon.

I'm looking forward to starting this new set of minis. So you'll excuse me as I get get tucked in to these gorgeous colours.

Happy Crafting


P.S. Would anyone like to see me write out how to start one of these throws?

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