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Catch up on Wips

Ok, so it's July!? How did we get here already?...

This past couple of months has been a very mixed bag of Wips. I'm not sure where to start. So this be from a point of view of remembering them rather than order of being worked on. So here goes.

Crochet blanket for Anna

Occasionally I pick up some sample work from my designer friend Anna Nikipirowicz.

This time she asked if I could make a Bolderwood Blanket.

Originally it was made in a yarn that is no longer available so Anna has given me a different yarn that is widely available to make it in. Sirdar Hayfield bonus dk. The colours are similar to the original.

My deadline was the end of May and I was steadily making progress through the 60 something squares.

This picture shows some of the blocking that was needed for these textured square.

This was completed on time. This project was so much fun. I enjoyed each square of this pattern. A little different than doing plain granny squares.


These are a pair of socks that I'm working up in some Corner of Craft yarn called "Crème Brûlée"

Another sock in progress using some yarn by Giddy Aunt Yarns.

Easy V Sweater

This one had been dormant for a while. I might have started it last November. I had knit the yoke, but then stopped because I wasn't happy with my colour choices. So instead of ripping back then and there, it got put in the naughty corner. December came and along with it - yarn advents. So this wip promptly got forgotten about.

I'll admit it's back hiding in a bag because of the hot weather. That's why there's been some sock knitting. I always seem to work on smaller projects this time of year,so there's nothing in my lap making me hot.

Crochet throw

I won't talk much about this one here as it's getting it's own progress blog. It steadily getting bigger day by day.

Now I better post this before I forget again...

Let's see if I can get back to monthly posts 🤞

Happy crafting

Annette 😚😚


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