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A temperature Blanket. What's that??

I want to make 2022 an enjoyable year.

So what brings me joy? Well knitting of course. 😃

What better way to ensure you have a little bit of knitting each and every day? Start your very own Temperature blanket. But what is a temperature blanket? I hear you ask. Well there are many ways to knit or crochet these blankets. Just Google it and you'll see. The main connecting factor between all of these blankets is, you guessed it, the temperature. Colours are chosen to represent the temp' for the day. This could be the town or city where they live, or another favourite place. Some choose colours for each varying degree of change, others choose a few less colours representing a range of degrees. Some choose to work a simple stripe each day, others choose more elaborate designs. It all comes down to the individual crafter, and what they are in the mood to do. This makes it a perfect project for many crafters, so much choice in the planning.

Shall I tell you my choices?

I live in north London. So I figure I'll do my first temperature blanket based on my location. (Did you notice I said first? Yes, I've got that hopeful January feeling that I finish this and will want to do more🤞) Next is to figure out my colours to match to some temperatures. But first, let's figure out my range. London doesn't often go under 0° Celsius and not often above 35° Celsius. I've chosen to break it up into groups of three degrees. This will give me a good selection of 12 colours, and allow me to add a few of my favourite shades.

In the picture you see the twelve colours I've selected. Let me break it down for you, starting from the top, describing in a clockwise direction

  • Under 3° - West Yorkshire Spinners - ColourLabDK - sh010 Cream

  • 4° - 6° - John Lewis DK - sh1061 Violet

  • 7° - 9° - WYS - sh364 Electric Blue

  • 10° - 12° - JL - sh1060 Stormy Blue

  • 13° - 15° - WYS - sh716 Deep Teal

  • 16° - 18° - JL - sh141 Camel

  • 19° - 21° - JL - sh1058 Dark Green

  • 22° - 24° - WYS - sh363 Bottle Green

  • 25° - 27° - WYS - sh186 Pear Green

  • 28° - 30° - JL - sh1057 Maroon

  • 31° - 33° - JL - sh1055 Mustard

  • Over 34° - WYS - sh476 Orange

OK, I've got my colours. Now what??

Do I knit or crochet? A simple stripe a day? I almost started a striped blanket using crochet and spike stitches... I was still trying to decide until I printed out a calendar for the year to come.

As I stared at the print out - it hit me. I knew what I must do. Knit an actual calendar with mitred squares. Mitred squares are such fun, and easy to build upon. However, on the calendar there are many blank squares. It looked like I would need another colour. So a thirteenth colour was chosen. Easy, a grey will go with everything. West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab in sh137 Silver Grey. Blank squares - check ✅

This is a perfect solution for me and my Temperature Blanket. I can work on it a month at a time. This means each section will fit easily into a small project bag. For those of you who watch my Instagram stories, you know that I like to knit on my bus journey into work of a morning. This is definitely my perfect type of project. As I do not like it when a project gets too big to travel with. (I hate to say it, but many a project has stalled due to it's size.) I cast on before I set off to catch the bus. That way, once I've sat down on the bus, I can get my knitting out and finish my square before my final stop for work. A beautifully timed project.

We are just a few days into the year, and I love how this blanket is forming already. I've found that after I make my first coffee of the day, the next thing I do, is check to find out what the temperature of the day will be. I record it. Then pull out the corresponding colour and start the next square. This is a habit I will gladly appreciate throughout the year.

Pictured here are a few of the first days of January being worked on.

Temperature blankets are all the rage right now. Are you joining in with one? Will you last the distance? I for one, hope that I do. I've started in the hope that 2022 will be a good year. One worthy of me recording it. At the very least I will enjoy my 5 to 10 min of focused knitting time each day.

Happy crafting