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So a new year is here.

I'm terrible at this resolution business. So what I'm going to do is pick a couple of words and focus on those.

My words for 2023 will be Motivation and Habit.

Motivation & Habit

This idea is for those times when I get stuck in a loop of 'Imposter syndrome'.

Remind myself I'm good enough as I am. I am not other people. I work as me.

Take for example, making a pattern. I usually love my initial idea, but then this annoying little voice from somewhere starts to pick at it until I eventually agree and throw the idea out. To be honest, this happens way too often lately, as I haven't released a pattern for a long time.

The same happens when it comes to this blog. So many times I've written things down yet never published. This year I plan to create new habits. Pushing that publish button more often. I don't need to create massive essays, I just need to keep it simple and honest. Write about what's happening even if I think "other" people might think it's boring. Basically, I need to create new habits. When I have a day off, instead of scrolling on social media, I should do what I'm doing now. Put some music on, then type whatever happens to be on my mind. Will you join me?

So when I say 'Motivation', my thoughts are to push aside that little voice and listen to the excitement of the original idea. Don't focus on the end result. Focus on what I need to do now, and then the results will come eventually. I need to divide the process into smaller, easier steps. This won't happen over night. The more I push myself towards adding these new habits, then the more I will just automatically do them.

Hence Habit and Motivation are my words of choice.

Now the big change - have I actually pushed that publish button today?

Happy New Year for 2023. I hope you motivate yourselves towards some good habits too.


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